Power and Communication

Power and Communication
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Utgivelsesår 2015
Forlag Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781443884396
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Om Power and Communication

This book represents a significant contribution to the discussion on the part played by communication, especially in its mediated forms, in people's lives, dwelling on the nature of the relationship between the notion of power and the media in current Western societies. The media have dramatically increased their capacity to exercise their symbolic force over other fields of cultural production, by partly structuring those intrinsic rules, values, and practices that organize, for example, the political system or the academic world from the inside. On the other hand, the media are intertwined environments subjected to the influence of other cultural, economic, and political forces, which, in turn, reveal themselves to be capable of framing reality through the media themselves. Particularly focusing on the topic of the economic crisis, the various chapters of this edited volume highlight how the relationship between the media and other forces capable of pervasively exercising their power appears to be, paradoxically, as strict as it is opaque. Social media and smart mobile technologies have increasingly affected the modalities whereby other institutions and organizations reflect on themselves and develop their worldviews. At the same time, however, politics and economics experts and strategists have all learned how to 'exploit' this potential for their own purposes. Detecting the opacity that characterizes this form of 'exploitation' is the first step in the acknowledgment of this phenomenon.


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