Literature Help: A Portrait of the Artis

Literature Help: A Portrait of the Artis
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Om Literature Help: A Portrait of the Artis

In 1903, James Joyce had started writing the novel as Stephen Hero. It was going to be a sixty three chapter autobiographical novel in a realistic style. Only after twenty five chapters, James Joyce left the idea of Stephen Hero and in the year 1907 he reworked on the themes of the novel and protagonist. Eventually, he condensed the novel into five chapter novel. In the final manuscript he dispensed with strict realism and used free indirect speech extensively. By this the author allowed the reader to look into the protagonist's developing consciousness. Literature Help: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManCopyrightChapter One: IntroductionChapter Two: Plot OverviewChapter Three: CharactersChapter Four: Plot SummaryChapter Five: Writing Style and Analysis


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