Disability and Teaching

Disability and Teaching
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Utgivelsesår 2013
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ISBN 9781135137519
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Om Disability and Teaching

Disability and Teaching highlights issues of disability in K-12 schooling faced by teachers, whoare increasingly accountable for the achievement of all students regardless of the labelsassigned to them. It is designed to engage prospective and practicing teachers in examining theirpersonal theories and beliefs about disability and education.Part I offers four case studies dealing with issues such as inclusion, over-representation inspecial education, teacher assumptions and biases, and the struggles of novice teachers. Thesecases illustrate the need to understand disability and teaching within the contexts of school,community, and the broader society and in relation to other contemporary issues facing teachers.Each is followed by space for readers to write their own reactions and reflections, educators'dialogue about the case, space for readers' reactions to the educators' dialogue, a summary, andadditional questions. Part II presents public arguments representing different views about thetopic: conservative, liberal-progressive, and disability centered. Part III situates the authors'personal views within the growing field of Disability Studies in education and provides exercisesfor further reflection and a list of resources.Disability and Teaching is the 8th volume in the Reflective Teaching and the Social Conditions ofSchooling Series, edited by Daniel P. Liston and Kenneth M. Zeichner. This series of small,accessible, interactive texts introduces the notion of teacher reflection and develops it in relationto the social conditions of schooling. Each text focuses on a specific issue or content area inrelation to teaching and follows the same format. Books in this series are appropriate for teachereducation courses across the curriculum.


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