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Utgivelsesår 1995
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812830814
Sider 228
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Om Expertmedia

ExpertMedia is growing in popularity and brings together the well-established disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence.”ExpertMedia” is a neologism from expert systems and hypermedia systems and is intended to synergistically combine the advantages of each of these components:Expert System + HyperMedia System = ExpertMediaKey practitioners in the field have been meeting at the past two World Congresses on Expert Systems (1991 in Orlando and 1994 in Lisbon). Their experience in the field is brought together in this book which disseminates information about this innovative area to a large audience. The book consists of three different parts: The first part introduces ExpertMedia in general, the second part focuses on case studies of ExpertMedia and Medical Applications, and the last part deals with ExpertMedia and Knowledge-based Systems.Contents: Part I: Introduction to ExpertMedia:Introduction to ExpertMediaExpertMedia and Information SystemsArtificial Intelligence and HyperMediaPart II: ExpertMedia and Health Care Applications:ExpertMedia and Health Care ApplicationsExpertMedia in Ambulatory ClinicsPart III: ExpertMedia and Knowedge-Based Methods:Integrating Expert Systems and Multimedia: The Protocol Multimedia Expert SystemKnowledge-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Hypermedia InformationRegularity, Document Generation, and CYCReadership: Computer scientists.Key Features:Gives a broad interdisciplinary approach (optimal control, genetic algorithms, chaos theory, wavelets, fractional derivatives) to solve different optimization and forecasting problems with practical examplesMany numerical techniques are illustrated with figures and schemes


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