Beam Measurement

Beam Measurement
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1999
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812818003
Sider 740
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Om Beam Measurement

This volume comprises the proceedings of the 8th Joint School on accelerator physics. On this occasion, the US, CERN, Japan and Russia Particle Accelerator Schools collaborated to present the topic of “Beam Measurements”. The aim was to provide an introduction to the principles of beam dynamics and measurements in circular particle accelerators. This was achieved by a series of lectures under the headings of “single-particle dynamics”, “multi-particle dynamics” and then “beam measurements”, along with practical courses on feedback and signal processing, maps and (no) simulations, practical diagnostic measurements, and spectrum and network analyzers. The resulting proceedings represent a unique summary of the currently available knowledge on beam measurements applied to circular particle accelerators.Contents: Single-Particle Dynamics: Basic Phase Space (A Hofmann)Measurement and Correction of Accelerator Optics (F Zimmerman)Longitudinal Motion in Storage Rings and Quantum Excitation (N A Vinokurov)Multi-Particle Dynamics:Space Charge (K Schindl)Impedance and Wakefields (Y H Chin)Robinson and Coupled-Bunch Instabilities (Y H Chin)Beam Lifetime (K Hirata)The Beam-Beam Effect (J Gareyte)Beam Cooling (D V Pestrikov)Beam Measurement:Bunched Beam Signals in Time and Frequency Domain (J M Byrd)Beam-Line Instruments (U Raich)Closed Orbit Control (J Safranek)Beam-Based Lattice Diagnostics (J Safranek)Detection and Correction of Nonlinear Resonances (D V Pestrikov)Dynamic Aperture, Theoretical Aspects and Observational Features (F Willeke)Signatures of Microwave Instability (E Shaposhnikova)Overview of RF Systems for Storage Rings and Their Diagnostics (K Akai)Beam Profile and Size Measurement by the Use of SR Interferometers (T Mitsuhashi)Noise Effects in Accelerators (J Ellison)Seminars and Round-Table Discussions:Accelerators for Medicine (U Amaldi) Performance Related Measurements on LEP (S Myers)The LHC: Beam Measurements and Instrumentation (H Schmickler)Particle Acceleration in Plasmas (R Bingham)Larger Circular Colliders (E Keil)Future Linear Colliders (R Brinkmann)Practical Courses:Bunch Feedback Systems and Signal Processing (J D Fox & E Kikutani)Maps and (no) Simulations (E Forest)Practical Diagnostic Measurements (M Lamont et al.)Spectrum and Network Analyzers (J M Byrd & F Caspers)Readership: Nuclear and accelerator physicists.Key Features: Provides a useful overview of femtosecond beam science which makes the subject accessible to readers with varying interest in the subject


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