Resonance and Aspect Matched Adaptive Ra

Resonance and Aspect Matched Adaptive Ra
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Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814329903
Sider 288
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Om Resonance and Aspect Matched Adaptive Ra

The book describes a new form of radar for which the target response is frequency, i.e., resonance-dependent. The book provides both prototype designs and empirical results collected from a variety of targets. The new form of radar, called RAMAR (Resonance and Aspect Matched Adaptive Radar) advances radar — mere ranging and detection — to the level of RF spectroscopy, and permits an advance of spectroscopic methods from optical, through infra-red and into the RF spectral range. The book will describe how a target's response can be a function of frequency components in the transmitted signal's envelope as well as the signal's carrier. Contents:Introduction:A Priori and A Posteriori Information CapturesLTI versus LTV SystemsSignal Envelope Match vs Carrier MatchTarget Modeling and Identification by Coherence FunctionsThe WH Transform & WHWFsTreatment of Nonstationary SignalsCarrier Frequency-Envelope Frequency (CFEF) SpectraPolarizationPart 1 — Ka-Band MAP Prototype:Ka-Band MAP SystemTargets Addressed by the Ka-Band SystemMie (Resonance), Optical & Rayleigh ScatteringReturn Signal SNR EnhancementCorner Reflector TestsExclusive & Inclusive Optimum Transmit Signal Design for Target Aspect Independent RecognitionVehicle TargetsModel TargetsNonlinear Combination of Separate Subcomponent Target Minor ResonancesTarget IdentificationSelective Enhancement of Target Major & Minor ResonancesTarget Surface DetectionNonlocal Transformations: Wigner-Ville Distribution & Ambiguity FunctionNonlocal Transformations: Hilbert-Huang TransformNonlocal Transformations: Quadratic Fractional Fourier TransformWeber-Hermite Transforms: Local & GlobalRadon TransformFrequency Decomposition: Independent Component Analysis, Matching Pursuit, Complexity Pursuit, Blind Source SeparationPart 2 — UHF-Band MAP Prototype: UHF MAP SystemGround Tests Through FoliageTarget: BarrelsTarget: Roof PanelsTarget: Microwave OvenTargets: TrucksTarget: Artillery ShellAnechoic Chamber TestsTarget: Barrel Aspect Up: PRXTarget: Barrel Aspect Side: PRXTarget: Generator: PRXTarget: Microwave Oven: PRXTarget: Roof Panel: PRXTarget: Truck: PRXMultiple-Window SpectraTarget Linear Frequency Response FunctionsCarrier Frequency- Envelope Frequency (CFEF) SpectraFlight Tests of FOPEN RAMARTarget Detection Under FoliageComparisons of the Results of the Anechoic Chamber Tests and the Flight TestsSummary and System ImprovementsReadership: Professional and research level.


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