Internal Migration

Internal Migration
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Utgivelsesår 2014
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ISBN 9781483216751
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Om Internal Migration

Internal Migration: A Comparative Perspective is the third in a series of publications sponsored by the Committee on Comparative Urban Economics. This book highlights the integral migration in several regions of the world and the problems in regions of varying levels of economic development, and with different economic systems.This text is organized into five parts encompassing 24 chapters. The introductory part describes the interactions between migration and socioeconomic development, along with the functions and dynamics of the migration process. The next part explores the methodological aspects of migration, including the models, measurements, and theoretical reflections of internal migration. Other parts discuss the effect of migration on regions and individuals. These chapters also present some case studies of internal migration in the West and Eastern Europe. The demographic effect of migration on an urban population, the ethnicity as a barrier to migration, and the influence of social and geographical mobility on the stability of kinship systems are reviewed. The concluding part relates a comparative disciplinary and systemic view of migration.This book will be of great value to economists, sociologists, and social workers.


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