Hot Latin Docs Collection

Hot Latin Docs Collection

Santiago's Convenient Fiancée / Alejandro's Sexy Secret / Rafael's One Night Bombshell / Dante's Shock Proposal

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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre DRM
Filformat EPUB
Utgivelsesår 2017
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781474068642

Om Hot Latin Docs Collection

Four sexy, hot-blooded doctors just for you! Santiago's Convenient Fiancee by Annie O'Neil Can a convenient arrangement last forever? Saoirse Murphy came to Miami to bury herself in work, determined to forget the cancelled wedding she left behind her, and she wants to stay...but only a green card will do! Enter ex-combat doc Santiago Valentino. Having reluctantly returned to face his dark past, he's only too happy to be distracted by his paramedic partner and her shocking proposal. But when their 'convenient' engagement tips into a very inconvenient passion, Santiago wonders...will she be his for ever wife? Alejandro's Sexy Secret by Amy Ruttan What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... ...If only that were true! Surgeon Kiri Bhardwaj never expected to see sexy exotic dancer Alejandro Valentino after their fantasy, life-changing night together. But now they're face-to-face and he's a specialist in her paediatric department! Working together proves to Alejandro that they haven't finished what they started all those years ago. To claim what he lost he'll have to lay his heart on the line and prove to Kiri their chemistry is for keeps! Rafael's One Night Bombshell by Tina Beckett From passion to pregnancy! An encounter with Rafael Valentino is broken- hearted Cassandra Larrobee's chance to live in the moment! It was supposed to be one night only, but the sinfully hot doc has left her with more than just memories... Since a heart-breaking decision years ago, Rafe is determined to remain alone-but when he's sent to work with Cassie, he can't resist their reckless kisses! When he discovers Cassie's shocking surprise, can Rafe let her bring light into his shadowed life...and become a daddy to their baby? Dante's Shock Proposal by Amalie Berlin An inconvenient desire Growing up in the midst of her parents' fraught union, surgical nurse Lise Bradshaw has never wanted or needed a man by her side. Until a sensual chance encounter with Dr Dante Valentino on the dancefloor of a Miami club sparks a full-blown passionate affair...leading to a shock proposal! Dante knows what he wants - a family - and what he doesn't -love. But as the fire blazes between him and beautiful Lise he realises that he's inconveniently falling for his convenient fiancée!


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