Polarized Sources and Targets

Polarized Sources and Targets
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Om Polarized Sources and Targets

Polarized beams and targets have been irreplaceable tools in nuclear and particle physics experiments for a long time and have provided us rich information on the role played by spin-degrees of freedom in the sub-nuclear world. In addition, techniques to obtain large nuclear polarization have recently been applied to new fields such as materials and medical sciences.The scope of these proceedings covers recent progress of state-of-the-art techniques in spin polarization, the cryogenic method, the atomic beam method, the optical pumping method and the nuclear reaction method.Contents:Atomic Beam Method:Polarized Internal Gas Target in a Strong Toroidal Magnetic Field (E Tsentalovich et al.)Installation and Commissioning of the Polarized Internal Gas Target of the Magnet Spectrometer ANKE at COSY-Jülich (R Engles et al.)Cryogenic Method:Future Activities of the COMPASS Polarized Target (N Doshita et al.)Distillation and Polarization of HD (S Bouchigny et al.)Optical Pumping Method:A New 3He Polarization for Fundamental Neutron Physics (Y Masuda et al.)Polarized Proton Beams in RHIC (A Zelenski)Nuclear Reaction Method:Focal PlanePolarimeter for a Test of EPR Paradox (K Yako et al.)Deuteron Beam Polarimetry at Nuclotron (V P Ladygin et al.)Polarized Electron Sources:High Field Gradient Polarized Electron Gun for ILC (M Yamamoto et al.)Generation of Spin Polarized Electrons by Field Emission (M Kuwahara et al.)Polarization in RI Beam Experiments:Polarized Proton Solid Target for RI Beam Experiments (T Wakui)Titled Foil Nuclear Polarization (G Goldring)New Methods:Spin-Polarization Using Optical Methods (T Nakajima)An Attempt Toward Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Liquid 3He (T Iwata et al.)and other papersReadership: Researchers in experimental nuclear and particle physics, and accelerator physics.


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