Correlated Electron Systems

Correlated Electron Systems
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Emne Condensed matter physics (liquid state & solid state physics); Particle & high-energy physics

Om Correlated Electron Systems

The study of the correlated motion of electrons in solids is of increasing importance in condensed matter physics. In the past few years, the discovery of high-temperature superconductors has stimulated an enormous theoretical effort in this area, building on earlier theories of heavy-fermion and organic superconductors, and magnetic insulators. In a separate development the discovery of the fractional quantum Hall effect stimulated research into the behavior of the two-dimensional electron gas in a strong transverse magnetic field.The lectures at this school gave a systematic presentation of the current status of the theory in these areas. They covered the fractional quantum Hall effect and the many-body physics of the Hubbard model and its extensions, paying particular attention to the properties of doped insulators which are relevant for high-temperature superconductivity. There were detailed discussions of situations for which controlled calculations may be carried out — specifically infinite dimensions, one dimension, and generalized models in which the fermions have N components and N → •.Contents:Charge Fluctuation Models of Superconductivity (P B Littlewood)Investigation of Correlated Electron Systems Using the Limit of High Dimensions (D Vollhardt)The Large N Expansion in the Strong Correlation Problem (G Kotliar)The Semiclassical Expansion of the T-J Model (A Auerbach)The Many-Body Problem in One Dimension (V J Emery)Interacting Fermions in One Dimension: From Weak to Strong Correlation (H J Schulz)The Quantum Hall Effect: The Article (A Karlhede et al)Readership: Condensed matter, theoretical and experimental physicists.


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