Electromagnetic Processes at High Energi

Electromagnetic Processes at High Energi
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Førpris 3259,- Spar 652,-
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Utgivelsesår 1998
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812817532
Sider 568
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Om Electromagnetic Processes at High Energi

The book is devoted to processes at the interaction of high energy charged particles and photons with crystals. Among them are the creation of electron-positron pair by photon in crystalline field, the radiation of particles in this field and, connected with these effects, the new type of electromagnetic showers in crystals, the channeling of fast particles in crystal and channeling radiation. At high energies, the processes of quantum electrodynamics (QED) in intense external fields play an important role in crystals. The first third of the book contains a new formulation of QED in external fields which is valid for any external field, including an essentially nonuniform one and has vast applications.Contents:A Theory of Radiation and Pair Production in External FieldFast Particles Passage Through Single CrystalsPair Production in Aligned Single CrystalEmission of Radiation by High-Energy Particles in Oriented Single CrystalsElectromagnetic Radiation at ChannelingSome Additional Problems of the Theory of Electromagnetic Processes in Aligned Single CrystalsAppendices:Notations, Description of Free Particle MotionParticles in an External Electromagnetic FieldMass Operator, Emission of Photons and Corrections to the Mass of a Charged Particle in a Plane Wave FieldPhoton Scattering and E+E- Pair Production in the Field of a Plane Electromagnetic WaveTheory of Free-Electron LaserReadership: High energy physicists.Key Features:Describes Muslims' participation in the mainstream of modern life, highlighting their contributions to global consciousness, capitalism, democracy, and diplomacyIntegrates multidisciplinary studies of religion, politics, economics, law, and international relations in clear language accessable to general audiencesProvides historical and geographic perspective on long-term trends throughout Asia and Africa, allowing readers to look beyond the crisis-filled headlines of the day


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