Fluctuation Phenomena

Fluctuation Phenomena

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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1995
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814503877
Sider 444
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Om Fluctuation Phenomena

This book addresses the issues of nonlinearity and disorder. It covers mathematical and numerical techniques as well as applications of nonlinearity and disorder. The analysis of continuous and discrete systems is also shown.Contents: Motion of Curves and Surfaces (K Nakayama & M Wadati)Blow-Up and Thermal Fluctuations in the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (P L Christiansen et al.)Nonlinearity and White Noise (M De Faria & L Streit)Parallel Numerical Solution Process of a Two Dimensional Time Dependent Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation (I Martín et al.)Some Connections between Neurophysiology and Optical Computing Based on the Theory of Complexity (J A Martín-Pereda & A González-Marcos)Nonlinear Energy Localization in a Disordered System. Application to DNA Melting (M Peyrard et al.)An Integral Equation Approach to Internal Solitary Waves (W A B Evans)On Fluctuation Induced Nonlinear Transport in Plasmas (K H Spatschek & Th Eickermann)Experiments with Solitons in Coupled Josephson Transmission Lines (A V Ustinov)Pulse-Envelope Solitons on 2-d Lattices with in-Plane Displacements (R Huβ et al.)Nonlinear Disordered Lattices and Effective Equation Method (V V Konotop)Nonlinear Localized Modes, Vortices and Domain Walls in Ordered and Disordered Nonlinear Lattices (S Takeno & S Homma)Polaronic Localisation of an Electron in a Magnetic Field (S Aubry)Disorder-Induced Breakdown of Soliton and Polaron Particles (A R Bishop et al.)Electron in a Two Dimensional System with Point Scatterers and Magnetic Field (S A Gredeskul et al.)Solitary Waves in Polyethylene Crystals (F Zhang & M A Collins)Role of Integrability and Controllability of Optical Solitons in Fiber Communications (A Hasegawa)Pulse Compression by Wave Collapse (S K Turitsyn)and other papersReadership: Researchers in chaos and nonlinear science.Key Features: First book to describe recent developments in the existence and stability of Nash equilibriumPresents research results in existence and stability of Nash equilibrium in an easily accessible manner


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