Fundamental Concepts in Modern Analysis

Fundamental Concepts in Modern Analysis
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Førpris 1049,- Spar 210,-
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Utgivelsesår 1999
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812817983
Sider 248
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Om Fundamental Concepts in Modern Analysis

Many advanced mathematical disciplines, such as dynamical systems, calculus of variations, differential geometry and the theory of Lie groups, have a common foundation in general topology and calculus in normed vector spaces. In this book, mathematically inclined engineering students are offered an opportunity to go into some depth with fundamental notions from mathematical analysis that are not only important from a mathematical point of view but also occur frequently in the more theoretical parts of the engineering sciences. The book should also appeal to university students in mathematics and in the physical sciences.Contents:Basic Concepts in TopologyDifferentiation in Normed Vector SpacesThe Inverse Function TheoremDifferentiable ManifoldsAn Introduction to Singularity TheoryAn Introduction to Geometric Variational ProblemsReadership: Lecturers and students in pure mathematics, theoretical engineering and the physical sciences.Key Features:Provides an insight into the career rise of an Eurasian through colonial and post colonial timesThe challenges of a first time diplomat in adapting to the role from academiaThe political insights of the Singapore Government of the time and those of the countries that Mr Baker represented Singapore in


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