Country and Western Stars

Country and Western Stars
Compact Disc


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Lagerstatus På lager. Sendes normalt fra oss i løpet av 10 virkedager
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2017
EAN 4053796004055
Sjanger Compilation; Country
Disker 10
Fremført av (orkester, band, ensemble) Various Artists

Om Country and Western Stars

Disc 1
1 Touch Me
2 Wake Me When It's Over
3 Hello Walls
4 Funny How Time Slips Away
5 Crazy
6 The Part Where I Cry
7 Mister Record Man
8 Three Days
9 One Step Beyond
10 Undo the Right
11 Darkness On the Face of the Earth
12 Where My House Lives
13 Walking the Floor Over You
14 I'll Hold You in My Heart
15 Be Honest With Me
16 Oh My Darlin'
17 Tomorrow Never Comes
18 Too Late to Worry, Too Blue to Cry
19 Here I Am
20 I Hang My Head and Cry
21 When You Cry You Cry Alone
22 How Do I Tell My Heart Not to Break?
23 It's Been So Long Darling
24 Long Black Limousine
Disc 2
1 Let's Think About Livin'
2 Meet Mister Mud
3 Bad, Bad Day
4 Every Time the World Goes Round
5 Jealous Heart
6 I Love You Because
7 Oh, Lonesome Me
8 Throwin' Kisses
9 Why, Why, Bye, Bye
10 Dreamy Doll
11 I Love You So Much It Hurts
12 You Win Again
13 In the Jailhouse Now
14 More and More
15 Even Tho'
16 Your Good for Nothing Heart
17 You're Not Mine Anymore
18 I Haven't Got the Heart
19 Sparkling Brown Eyes
20 You Just Can't Be True
21 New Silver Bells
22 I'm Walking the Dog
23 I'll Go On Alone
24 I Don't Care
Disc 3
1 Makin' Believe
2 Release Me
3 Cheatin's a Sin
4 There's Poison in Your Heart
5 I've Kissed You My Last Time
6 Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On
7 It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
8 The Things I Might Have Been
9 Paying for That Back Street Affair
10 I Don't Claim to Be an Angel
11 I'm Too Lonely to Smile
12 Searching for a Soldier's Grave
13 Just When I Needed You
14 Am I That Easy to Forget
15 Have You Seen This Man
16 Your Cheatin' Heart
17 The One You Slip Around With
18 The Devil's Doll
19 Chained to a Memory
20 I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
21 Standing in the Shadows
22 Under Your Spell Again
23 Set Him Free
24 Let Those Brown Eyes Smile at Me
Disc 4
1 Waterloo
2 Smoke Along the Track
3 Life to Go
4 Run
5 The Carpet On the Floor
6 Man Has Cried
7 Uncle Sam and Big John Bull
8 Mary Don't You Weep
9 Ward of Broken Hearts
10 Why I'm Walkin'
11 Let's Call It a Day
12 Black Sheep
13 Walk On By
14 My World Is Caving In
15 The Image of Me
16 Take Good Care of Her
17 Big Man in a Big House
18 Three Hearts in a Tangle
19 Handful of Friends
20 Sea of Heartbreak
21 I Miss You Already
22 Heartaches By the Number
23 Big Shoes
24 Funny How Time Slips Away
Disc 5
1 Take an Old Cold 'Tater (And Wait)
2 Country Boy
3 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
4 I'm Little, But I'm Loud
5 We Could
6 Raisin' the Dickens
7 A-sleepin' at the Foot of the Bed
8 Jambalaya
9 Out Behind the Barn
10 Wabash Cannon Ball
11 The Tramp On the Street
12 Red Wing
13 All of the Monkeys Ain't in the Zoo
14 How Do I Say Goodbye
15 Love A-me S'il Vous Plait
16 Those Old Love Letters from You
17 A Man We All Ought to Know
18 The Feet of the Traveler
19 Smooth Sailin'
20 I'll Always Speak Well of You
21 Think It Over Boys
22 I Think of You Yet
23 Are You Ready to Go
24 Upon This Rock
Disc 6
1 Why Baby Why
2 Seasons of My Heart
3 It's Ok
4 Let Him Know
5 Play It Cool
6 Hold Everything
7 Boat of Life
8 You Gotta Be My Baby
9 What Am I Worth
10 Your Heart
11 Ragged But Right
12 Yearning
13 Still Hurtin'
14 Taggin' Along
15 Goin' Steady With the Blues
16 Gone and Left Me Blues
17 Yard and a Half of Blues
18 You're There
19 Hawaiian Sea Breeze
20 Tomorrow Never Comes
21 Blues in My Mind
22 My Room Is Crowded
23 I'll Sail My Ship Alone
24 Lost Highway
25 I'm Sorry Now
26 Fort Worth Jail
Disc 7
1 Lovesick Blues
2 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
3 It's Too Late Now (To Worry Anymore)
4 Rose of Ol' Pawnee
5 I Never Let You Cross My Mind
6 I Hang My Head and Cry
7 You Only Want Me When You're Lonely
8 Moanin' the Blues
9 I'll Step Aside
10 All the World Is Lonely Now
11 Bouquet of Roses
12 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
13 Gonna Find Me a Bluebird
14 Where Do We Go from Here
15 Dem Low Down Blues
16 Cause I'm a Dreamer
17 Tennessee Hound Dog Yodel
18 What Am I Supposed to Do
19 Why Did You Have to Go and Leave Me (Lonesome Blues)
20 Mister Blues
21 Get Off the Stool
22 (Sometimes) I Feel Like Leaving Town
23 Tea Bag Romeo
24 So You Think You've Got Troubles
Disc 8
1 A Satisfied Mind
2 My Bonfire
3 I Like Girls
4 Ivory Tower
5 Company's Comin'
6 Born to Lose
7 Midnight
8 That's It
9 I Guess I'm Crazy
10 I'm Stepping Out Tonight
11 Living in the Past
12 Tricks of the Trade
13 San Antonio Rose
14 Time Changes Everything
15 Lovin' Is Livin'
16 Oh No
17 If I Could Hold Back the Dawn
18 That's What You Think
19 Live and Let Live
20 If You Want It, I've Got It
21 Please Come Back Home
22 Look What Thoughts Done to Me
23 The House That Love Built
24 Come Back to Me
Disc 9
1 Sweethearts Or Strangers
2 Your Cheatin' Heart
3 Shame On You
4 I Can't Tell My Heart
5 Better Things Than These
6 You Call Everybody Darling
7 I'm a Poor Boy
8 I Can't Help It
9 Worried Mind
10 I'll Be Yours
11 That's What It's Like to Be Lonely
12 You Are My Sunshine
13 The Comancheros
14 You're Breaking My Heart
15 I'm Just Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
16 Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine
17 Big River, Big Man
18 Sweet Lovin'
19 Wolverton Mountain
20 (Tell Me Darlin') Would You Care
21 Pistol Packin' Papa
22 Little Bitty Heart
23 I Can't Get Over the Way You Got Over Me
24 I Backed Out
Disc 10
1 I'm Moving On
2 Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts
3 The Rhumba Boogie
4 Bluebird Island
5 I Don't Hurt Anymore
6 (Now and Then There's) a Fool Such As I
7 The Golden Rocket
8 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart
9 Music Makin' Mama from Memphis
10 Marriage Vow
11 The Gal Who Invented Kissin'
12 With This Ring I Thee Wed
13 Baby, I Need Lovin'
14 Dusty Skies
15 Big Beaver
16 I'd Do It Again
17 Too in Love
18 Gloria
19 This Train
20 When Your Love Burns Low
21 Panhandle Rag
22 A New Deal of Love
23 Where My Sweet Baby Used to Walk
24 The Little Rosewood Casket


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