Get Up Off Your Knees

Get Up Off Your Knees

Compact Disc


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Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2017
Forlag JSP
EAN 788065720223
Sjanger Blues; Compilation
Disker 4
Fremført av (orkester, band, ensemble) Various Artists

Om Get Up Off Your Knees

Disc 1
1 Shave 'Em Dry
2 I Want Plenty Grease in My Frying Pan
3 Furniture Man Blues (Parts 1 & 2)
4 Ain't Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee
5 Get Up Off Your Knees
6 I'm Gonna Tell You in Front So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind
7 I'm a Mighty Tight Woman
8 Coffee Grindin' Blues
9 I Found Your Keyhole
10 Kitchen Man
11 Dirty Butter
12 Blue Bloomer Blues
13 You've Got to Give Me Some
14 My Man O' War
15 Wipe It Off
16 Stinging Snake Blues
17 The Dirty Dozen No. 2
18 Show Me What You Got
19 Doodle Hole Blues
20 Electrician Blues
21 She Shook Her Gin
22 Fish House Blues
23 Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama
24 The Boy in the Boat
Disc 2
1 What's That I Smell
2 Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
3 Gas Man Blues
4 Banana in Your Fruit Basket
5 She's Got Jordan River in Her Hips
6 Terrible Operation Blues
7 The Best Jockey in Town
8 Bed Spring Poker
9 How You Want It Done
10 Lollypop
11 Don't Give My Lard Away
12 In Here With Your Heavy Stuff
13 Southern Can Mama
14 My Butcher Man
15 Dresser With the Drawers
16 (Who's Gonna Do Your) Sweet Jelly Roll
17 She Showed It All
18 Pipe Layin' Blues
19 Steady Grindin' Blues
20 Bed Springs Blues
21 I Let My Daddy Do That
22 Mouse's Ear Blues
23 Mashing That Thing
24 Jockey Man Blues
25 Pig Meat Papa
Disc 3
1 Shave 'Em Dry
2 I'm Gonna Shave You Dry
3 Sissy Man
4 The Hottest Stuff in Town
5 Butcher Shop Blues
6 Lead Pencil Blues
7 Cause You're Dirty
8 I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy
9 You Got to Give Me Some of It
10 Cigarette Blues
11 Take It Easy Greasy
12 Ain't That a Mess
13 The Honeydripper
14 Sarah Jane
15 Think You Need a Shot
16 My Stove's in Good Condition
17 I Wonder Who's Boogien' My Woogie
18 Sweet Petunia
19 Don't Come Over
20 Don't Tear My Clothes No. 2
21 Sweet Honey Hole
22 Love Operation
23 Bread Pan (Just My Size)
24 She Squeezed My Lemon
25 Carpenter Man Blues
Disc 4
1 Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon
2 My Baby's Playground
3 Keep On Eatin'
4 I'm Gonna Keep My Hair Parted
5 What's That Smells Like Fish?
6 He's Just My Size
7 She Got Good Dry Goods
8 Crawlin' King Snake
9 Let Me Play With Your Poodle
10 My Bicycle Tillie
11 I'm a Doctor for Women
12 Bed Springs Blues
13 Boar Hog Blues
14 Big Chested Mama (Take 1)
15 Bed Springs Blues
16 Pool Playing Blues
17 I Knew He Would
18 Don't Come Too Soon
19 Lemon Man
20 I'm Gonna Let Him Ride
21 My Daddy Was a Jockey
22 Too Much Jelly Roll
23 Ride, Daddy, Ride
24 The Walkin' Blues
25 Work, Daddy, Work
26 Loud Talkin' Woman


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