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Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2010
EAN 824046306625
Sjanger Compilation; Jazz
Disker 2
Fremført av (orkester, band, ensemble) Various Artists

Om Melodisc

Disc 1
1 Abernathy's Voo-t Voo It (With Georges Dukes & Duchess)
2 Night Mist
3 The Hour of Parting (With Lucky Thompson)
4 Abernathy's Boogie (With George's Dukes & Duchess)
5 Slowin' Down the Blues (With George's Dukes & Duchess)
6 Cherokee (With Lucky Thompson)
7 Mellow Reeni Riff
8 Puttin' You Down Blues
9 Voot Rock
10 Baby Baby Blues
11 Laughing at Life
12 Till the Very End of My Days
13 That's All She Wrote 'Cause the Pencil Broke
14 Let's Boogie
15 The Big Leg's Mama Fine
16 I Never Had a Dream to My Name
17 Boogin' at Berg's
18 Laguna
19 Dunkin's Bagel
20 Don't Blame Me
21 Lonely Blues
22 Ink Splink
23 Roses of Picardy
23 Sequence
Disc 2
1 Goin' for the Okey-doke
2 Hey Lawdy Mama
3 My Honey Chile
4 Poor Butterfly
5 Cherry
6 Ride Red Ride
7 Rip Up the Joint
8 King Perry Blues
9 The Man I Love
10 A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But a Bird
11 Song of the Islands
12 Silver Symphony
13 Scrub, Sweep and Mop
14 New Deal
15 Fightin' Mama Blues
16 Grand Slam
17 Baby It's Up to You
18 Peek-a-boo
19 How Am I to Know
20 Don't Blame Me
21 For Boobs Only
22 You're Buggin' Me
23 Sequence


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