Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard
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Compact Disc
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2005
EAN 602498746585
Spilletid 123 min
Sjanger Original Cast Recording; Soundtracks
Disker 2
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Om Sunset Boulevard

Disc 1
1 Overture/'I Guess It Was 5 Am
2 Let's Have Lunch
3 Every Movie's A Circus
4 Car Chase
5 At The House On Sunset
6 Surrender
7 With One Look
8 Salome
9 The Greatest Star Of All
10 Every Movie's A Circus (Reprise)
11 Girl Meets Boy
12 Back At Housr On Sunset
13 New Ways To Dream
14 Completion Of The Script
15 The Lady's Paying
16 New Year's Eve
17 The Perfect Year
18 This Time Next Year
19 New Year's Eve (Back At The House On Sunset)
Disc 2
1 Entr' Acte
2 Sunset Boulevard
3 There's Been A Call/Journey To Paramount
4 As If We Never Said Goodbye
5 Paramount Conversations/Surrender (Reprise)
6 Girl Meets Boy
7 Eternal Youth Is Worth A Little Suffering
8 Who's Betty Schaefer?
9 Betty's Office At Paramount
10 Too Much in Love to Care
11 New Ways To Dream (Reprise)
12 The Phone Call
13 The Final Scene


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