Nonlinear and Parametric Phenomena

Nonlinear and Parametric Phenomena
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Utgivelsesår 2004
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812567895
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Om Nonlinear and Parametric Phenomena

The book comprises a broad panorama of phenomena occurring in four major classes of radiophysical and mechanical systems — linear, nonlinear, parametric, and nonlinear-parametric. An analytical technique for the broad circle of issues under consideration is developed. It is presented in a user-friendly form, allowing its further direct application in research practices.Analytical methods are presented for investigating modulation-parametric and nonlinear systems, oscillating systems with periodic and almost periodic time-dependent parameters, effects of adaptive self-organization in coupled resonance systems and oscillating systems under the action of external forces, nonlinear with respect to the coordinates of excited systems.Of an interdisciplinary nature, this volume can serve as a handbook for developing lecture courses such as Fundamentals of Nonlinear Dynamics and Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations, Theory of Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, Fundamentals of Radiophysics and Electronics, Theory of Signals and Theoretical Radiophysics, Theoretical Mechanics and Electrodynamics.Contents:Principle of Reversibility of Modulation- Parametric InteractionsControlling Equivalent Impedances of Radiophysical SystemsNonlinear Resonance in Radiophysical Systems. Implementation of Parametric One-Ports. Peculiarities of the Utilization of Semiconductor Structures in Radiophysical SystemsChaotic Oscillations in Radiophysical SystemsElements of the Radiophysical SystemsOscillating Circuit with Constant ParametersGeneral Analysis of the Parametric Phenomena in Linear Oscillating Systems with Parameters Changing in TimeNonlinear Oscillating Systems with Parameters Changing in TimeGrouping of Coupled Oscillating Systems in Stable Electromechanical FormationsA Phenomenon of Excitation of Continuous Oscillations with a Discrete Set of Stable Amplitudes (“Quantized” Oscillation Excitation)Readership: Physicists and engineers.Key Features:Lists in a comprehensive manner significant developments and advances that have occurred in the field over the past decade Provides a complete and systematic assessment on various aspects of mixed micellar, mixed protein-surfactant, microemulsion and related systems from the view point of fundamental phenomena as well as wide applications, such as nanoscience, drug delivery, reaction medium, photochemistry, biocatalysis and enzymatic reactionsAn essential source of reference for physical chemists (colloid and surface scientists), materials scientists, pharmacists and biological chemists


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