New Trends in Control Theory

New Trends in Control Theory
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Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789814425957
Sider 736
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Om New Trends in Control Theory

New Trends in Control Theory is a graduate-level monographic textbook. It is a contemporary overview of modern trends in control theory. The introductory chapter gives the geometrical and quantum background, which is a necessary minimum for comprehensive reading of the book. The second chapter gives the basics of classical control theory, both linear and nonlinear. The third chapter shows the key role that Euclidean group of rigid motions plays in modern robotics and biomechanics. The fourth chapter gives an overview of modern quantum control, from both theoretical and measurement perspectives. The fifth chapter presents modern control and synchronization methods in complex systems and human crowds. The appendix provides the rest of the background material complementary to the introductory chapter.The book is designed as a one-semester course for engineers, applied mathematicians, computer scientists and physicists, both in industry and academia. It includes a most relevant bibliography on the subject and detailed index.Contents:IntroductionBasics of Classical Control TheoryEuclidean Group in Modern Robotics and BiomechanicsQuantum Control: Theory and MeasurementControl and Synchronization in Complex Systems and Human CrowdsReadership: Graduate students and researchers in applied mathematics, engineering, computer science, and physics.


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