Real-Time Systems

Real-Time Systems
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 1992
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812812469
Sider 380
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Om Real-Time Systems

This book represents the first comprehensive text in eng on real-time and embedded computing systems. It is addressed to engineering students of universities and polytechnics as well as to practitioners and provides the knowledge required for the implementation of industrial computerized process control and manufacturing automation systems. The book avoids mathematical treatment and supports the relevance of the concepts introduced by practical examples and case studies. Special emphasis is placed on a sound conceptual basis and on methodologies and tools for the development of high quality control software, since software dependability has been identified as the major problem area of computerized process automation.Contents: Real-Time Computing and Industrial Process AutomationConceptual FoundationsDigital Control of Continuous ProcessesHardware ArchitecturesProcess InterfacingCommunication NetworksReal-Time Operating Systems PrinciplesComparison of Some Real-Time Operating SystemsHigh Level Real-Time ProgrammingSchedulability AnalysisSystem and Software Life CycleSoftware Quality AssuranceComputer Aided Software Engineering ToolsFormal Specification and Verification MethodsProgrammable Logic ControllersCase Studies and ApplicationsReadership: Computer scientists, engineers and students.Key Features:Confirmations from well-known researchers such as P Massopust and K GustafsonShows the recent developments in the related fields


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