Space and Time, Matter and Mind

Space and Time, Matter and Mind
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Utgivelsesår 1994
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812779335
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Om Space and Time

In principle, the elements of space and time cannot be measured. Therefore, the following question arises: How are reality and space-time related to each other? In this book, it is argued on the basis of many facts that reality is not embedded but projected onto space and time. We can never make statements about the actual reality outside (basic reality), but we can “only” form pictures of it. These are pictures of the same reality on different levels. From this point of view, the “hard” objects (matter) and the products of the mind are similar in character.Contents:Space-Time ConceptionsIs the World Embedded in Space?Pictures of RealityLevels of Description, Levels of RealityExamples of the Principle of Level-AnalysisDiversity of PicturesOther Spaces, Other ParticlesLevels of Reality and Mach's PrincipleThe Asymptotic ConvergentismSubstitution Instead of Successive RefinementPictures of the “Reality in Itself”Readership: General.Key Features:Emphasis on viewing introductory convexity as a generalization of linear algebra in finding solutions to linear inequalitiesA key point is computation through concrete algorithms like the double description method. This enables students to carry out non-trivial computations alongside the introduction of the mathematical conceptsConvexity is inherently a geometric subject. However, without computational techniques, the teaching of the subject turns easily into a reproduction of abstractions and definitions. The book addresses this issue at a basic level


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