Chemicals from Plants

Chemicals from Plants
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Utgivelsesår 1999
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812817273
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Om Chemicals from Plants

This book is principally concerned with the relatively complex small molecules produced by plants, which are important as drugs, fine chemicals, fragrances, flavours and biologically-active dietary constituents. In a wide-ranging series of thematic essays, it covers key aspects of their role in plant ecology, their metabolism in the plant, their discovery, characterisation and use and their significance in the diet. Biotechnology, including prospects for the genetic engineering of metabolic pathways, for biotransformations and also for the production of biologically-active proteins, is the focus of the final section of the book. The overall aim of the volume is to provide, in each of the selected subject areas, a personal critique which is readily accessible to the advanced undergraduate student and to the non-specialist research worker alike.Contents:Classes and Functions of Secondary Products from Plants (J B Harborne)Characterisation and Control of Plant Secondary Metabolism (N J Walton et al.)Modern Methods of Secondary Product Isolation and Analysis (T A van Beek)Structure Elucidation of Plant Secondary Products (G Massiot et al.)Plant Drug Discovery and Development (M S J Simmonds & R J Grayer)Disease Prevention and Plant Dietary Substances (G Williamson et al.)Biotransformations (M C R Franssen & N J Walton)Production of Biologically-Active Proteins in Plants (G P Lomonossoff) Biotechnology and Plant Secondary Products: The Future (V De Luca)Readership: Advanced undergraduates and research workers in plant science, botany, biochemistry, pharmacy and biotechnology.Key Features:Introduces a novel analytical approach to estimating the borders between regular and chaotic dynamics by an integrated mathematical/computational treatmentAll analytical approaches are verified by numerical examples of real mechanical objectsParticular attention is paid to both physical and mathematical modeling of nonsmooth mechanical systems


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