China's Trade, Exchange Rate and Industr

China's Trade, Exchange Rate and Industr
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Utgivelsesår 2013
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Om China's Trade

This book aims at assessing the potential impacts of China's macro economic, trade, exchange rate and reserve management policies for industrial structure and performance. It uses data analysis and econometric methods applied to recent Chinese data. It has a special focus on the performance of the Chinese economy both during and after the 2008 global financial crisis. The book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in governmental and international agencies both in China and outside of the country. Contents:Overview of Papers and Introduction:Introduction (John Whalley)The Impacts of the 2008 Financial Crisis on China (John Whalley)How Can the G20 Better Support Global Governance? A Chinese Perspective (Yuyan Zhang and Huifang Tian)Macroeconomic Policies:The Chinese Savings Rate: Causes and Implications for Imbalances (Yuezhou Cai and Tongsan Wang)Labour Market Reform, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in China (Ming Lu and Hong Gao)Institutional Constraints, Identity and Household Consumption Heterogeneity in China (Binkai Chen, Ming Lu and Ninghua Zhong)China's Trade:What Accounts for China's Export Market Performance During the Financial Crisis? (Ma Tao and Zhang Lin)The Global Financial Crisis and China's Trade in Services: Impacts and Trade Policy Responses (Ying Fan)How Much Did China's Exports Drop During the 2008–2009 Financial Crisis? (Ran Jing)Exchange Rate Policy and Reserve Management:Employment versus Wage Adjustment and Revaluation of RMB (Risheng Mao) China's Sovereign Wealth Fund as Foreign Reserve Manager: Pre- and Post-Crisis (Yiwen Fei and Xichi Xu)Industrial Structure and Performance:On Industrial Performance During the Global Recession (Lingyun Gao and Qingyi Su)Post–Crisis Infrastructure Investment and Economic Growth in China (Shaoqing Huang, Hao Shi and Weimin Zhou)The Effects of China's Stimulus Policies and Their Transmission Channels (Zhang Tao and Wang Wenfu)Readership: Upper-level undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers involved in the field of international economics, with a special focus on China.


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