Advances in Modal Logic

Advances in Modal Logic
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Utgivelsesår 2002
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789812776471
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Om Advances in Modal Logic

Advances in Modal Logic is a unique forum for presenting the latest results and new directions of research in modal logic. The topics dealt with are of interdisciplinary interest and range from mathematical, computational, and philosophical problems to applications in knowledge representation and formal linguistics.Volume 3 presents substantial advances in the relational model theory and the algorithmic treatment of modal logics. It contains invited and contributed papers from the third conference on “Advances in Modal Logic”, held at the University of Leipzig (Germany) in October 2000. It includes papers on dynamic logic, description logic, hybrid logic, epistemic logic, combinations of modal logics, tense logic, action logic, provability logic, and modal predicate logic.Contents:From Description to Hybrid Logics, and Back (C Areces & M de Rijke)Homophonic Theory of Truth for Tense Logic (Torben Braüner)Weak Necessity on Weak Kleene Matrices (F Correia)Bimodal Logics for Reasoning About Continuous Dynamics (J M Davoren & R P Goré)From Bisimulation Quantifiers to Classifying Toposes (S Ghilardi & M Zawadowski)Normal Products of Modal Logics (Y Hasimoto)A Tableau Algorithm for the Clique Guarded Fragment (C Hirsch & S Tobies)The Complexity of Reasoning with Boolean Modal Logics (C Lutz & U Sattler)Outline of a Logic of Action (K Segerberg) Belief, Names, and Modes of Presentation (R Ye & M Fitting)and other papersReadership: Researchers and advanced students in mathematical logic, philosophical logic, computer science logic, artificial intelligence and formal linguistics.Key Features: Written by leading researchers in applied mathematics and environmental science


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