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Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag Elsevier Science
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781483164120
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Om Corrosion

Corrosion, Volume 2: Corrosion Control deals with corrosion and corrosion control. Topics covered range from the design and economic aspects of corrosion to cathodic and anodic protection; pretreatment and design for metal finishing; protective action of metallic coatings; and methods of applying metallic coatings. Corrosion testing, monitoring, and inspection are also considered. This volume is comprised of 13 chapters; the first of which provides an overview of corrosion control, with emphasis on the classification of practical methods of corrosion control. Attention then turns to the economic aspects of corrosion; how corrosion control is implemented in chemical and petrochemical plants; and design considerations to prevent corrosion in buildings and structures. Design in marine engineering and in relation to welding and joining is also discussed. The chapters that follow focus on the principles and practical applications of cathodic and anodic protection; chemical and mechanical pretreatments for metal finishing; and design for corrosion protection by electroplated and paint coatings. Chemical conversion coatings and miscellaneous coatings such as vitreous enamel coatings are also considered. Finally, this book describes the conditioning of the atmosphere to reduce corrosion. Tables and specifications as well as terms and abbreviations are included. This book will be of value to students as well as workers and engineers involved in corrosion and corrosion control.


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