Typhoon Turning Atlas

Typhoon Turning Atlas
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Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
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ISBN 9789814525190
Sider 452
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Om Typhoon Turning Atlas

Typhoons with unusual tracks are difficult to forecast with respect to whether, when, and where typhoon turning occurs based on traditional synoptic charts and numerical weather forecast model products. This typhoon turning atlas provides an additional tool to deal with the typhoon turning question by using a physical decomposition method together with thousands of plots. In particular, this atlas provides important information of 322 historical typhoons that occurred in the past three decades and demonstrates how they were influenced respectively.Contents:Variable DecompositionTyphoons Without Obvious Turning MotionsIntensity Peaked in the South China SeaIntensity Peaked in the PhilippinesIntensity Peaked in the Taiwan AreaIntensity Peaked in the East Seas of ChinaIntensity Peaked in the PacificReadership: Graduates, researchers, and meteorologists who are interested in typhoons and forecasting, earth science, meteorology, and complex systems.


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