Friendly Fire

Friendly Fire
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Penguin Random House Australia
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781864714548
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Om Friendly Fire

Wil Anderson turns his sharp gaze and wicked wit to the stupid, strange and perplexing quandaries of popular cultureHe's often wrong, but always funny - Patrick Cook. Some of you will know Wil Anderson as 'the bloke who sits in the middle on that ABC-TV show with the weird name' (The Gruen Transfer); or 'the one who wasn't Corinne or Hughesy on that show that used to get in trouble all the time' (The Glass House); or maybe even 'the guy who hosts Spicks and Specks' (That's actually Adam Hills but he gets that a lot. ) You might have also heard him on the radio playing the Wil part of Wil and Lehmo on Triple M, a show that was described by one critic as 'being on the same time as Hamish and Andy'. For five years he also got up at a time most people consider 'last night' to be 'the one who knew lots about Buffy but nothing about maths' on the much-loved Triple J Breakfast Show with Adam Spencer. Wil also does a bit of writing, and authored a bestselling book called Survival of the Dumbest which he can happily boast is 'over 250 pages without pictures'. But it is stand-up comedy that is Wil's true passion. He has proudly told 'dick jokes for cash' in pretty much every comedy club and festival in Australia, and taken his knob gags international at all the major festivals from Edinburgh to Auckland to Montreal, and graced some of the most famous stages in the world in New York and LA. In 2008 Wil was named GQ's Comedic Talent of the Year, and given an excellent trophy which he immediately misplaced while drunk at the after party.


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