Montana Slim

Montana Slim

Compact Disc


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Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2013
Forlag JSP
EAN 788065716226
Sjanger Country; Country
Disker 4
Fremført av (orkester, band, ensemble) Wilf Carter

Om Montana Slim

Disc 1
1 Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
2 Yodelling Hillbilly
3 Rescue from Moose River Gold Mine
4 There'll Be No Blues Up Yonder
5 The Fate of Old Strawberry Roan
6 Answer to Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
7 The Cowboys Airplane Ride
8 Keep Smiling Old Pal
9 There's a Love Knot in My Lariat
10 My Little Yoho Lady
11 Where Is My Boy Tonight
12 The Hindenburg Disaster
13 When the Sun Says Goodnight to the Prairie
14 Everybody's Been Some Mothers Darling
15 The Little Red Patch On the Seat of My Trousers
16 Down the Yodelling Trail at Twilight
17 Dusty Trails
18 By the Grave of Nobody's Darling
19 What a Friend We Have in Mother
20 It Makes No Difference Now
21 I'm Only a Dude in Cowboy's Clothes
22 My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down
23 Golden Lariat
24 Yodelling Love Call
25 We'll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley
26 My Dreams Come True
Disc 2
1 Swiss Moonlight Lullaby
2 The Capture of Albert Johnson
3 When I Say Hello to the Rockies
4 Golden Memories of Mother and Dad
5 My Old Canadian Home
6 Echoing Hills Yodel Back to Me
7 Let's Go Back to the Bible
8 Old Chuck Wagon Days
9 My Texas Sweetheart
10 If You Don't Really Care
11 My True and Earnest Prayer
12 Why Did We Ever Part
13 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
14 Just One More Ride
15 Yodelling My Babies to Sleep
16 Memories That Never Die
17 He Rode the Strawberry Roan
18 Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy
19 My Little Grey Haired Mother in the West
20 A Little Log Shack I Can Always Call My Home
21 I Miss My Swiss
22 Sway Back Into Pete
23 The Life and Death of John Dillinger
24 Awaiting the Chair
25 Calgary Round Up
26 Pete Knight, King of the Cowboys
Disc 3
1 The Cowboys High-toned Dance
2 I Bought a Rock for a Rocky Mountain Gal
3 Streamlined Yodel Song
4 By the Silvry Moonlight Trail
5 My Blues Have Turned to Sunshine
6 Sundown Blues
7 The Dying Mother's Prayer
8 Cowboy's Mother
9 Smoke Went Up the Chimney Just the Same
10 I'm Gonna Ride to Heaven On a Streamline Train
11 The Two Gun Cowboy
12 Cowboy Lullaby
13 Lonesome for My Baby Tonight
14 Hillbilly Valley
15 Round-up Time in Heaven
16 Dreamy Prairie Moon
17 Answer to It Makes No Difference No
18 Roll Along Kentucky Moon
19 It's All Over Now (I Won't Worry)
20 Rattlin Cannonball
21 Why Should I Be Sorry for You Now
22 Beautiful Girl of the Prairie
23 What a Wonderful Mother of Mine
24 You Are My Sunshine
25 You Were With Me in the Waltz of My Dreams
26 When That Somebody Else Was You
Disc 4
1 Waiting for a Train
2 I'm Hittin' the Trail
3 I'm Gonna Ride to Heaven On a Streamline Train
4 Why Did We Ever Part
5 The Last Letter
6 That First Love of Mine
7 Dreaming of My Blue Eyes
8 No Letter Today
9 You'll Get Used to It
10 Put Me in Your Pocket
11 Old Shep
12 My Queen of the Prairies
13 I Ain't Gonna Be a Hobo No More
14 A Sinner's Prayer
15 My Blue Skies
16 Don't Be Mean, I Wasn't Mean to You
17 It's a Cowboy's Night to Howl
18 Red River Valley Blues
19 The Two Gun Cowboy
20 He Left the One Who Loved Him for Another
21 My Old Lasso Is Headed Straight for You
22 Call of the Range
23 It's Great to Be Back in the Saddle Again
24 We'll Meet Again in Peaceful Valley
25 Under the Light of the Texas Moon
26 I'm Still Waiting for You


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