Black & White Story

Black & White Story
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Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag Jonathan Ball Publishers
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ISBN 9780620615464
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Om Black & White Story

The defining moment in the history of Natal and Sharks rugby was in 1990 when they won the Currie Cup for the first time, fittingly in the centenary year of the Natal Rugby Union. That was when they really came of age and became a confident outfit, setting the tone for the future. And in the last 25 years the KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Union, as it is now known, has indeed gone from strength to strength. Wim van der Berg's history of the Union takes us back to its modest beginnings in 1890 and traces the story of its provincial and international ventures, bringing us right up to 2014 - which was a year of mixed fortunes for the Sharks rugby side. He chronicles the ups and downs of a developing union, its clubs and schools sides and, more recently, its development programmes. Rich in anecdotes about the many colourful characters who made the history, and continue to do so today, this book, The Black & White Story, captures the undying spirit and passion of all who were, and are today, involved in the Union's many and varied activities. For the history of the KZNRU is indeed about its people - players, coaches, administrators and supporters - whose commitment to the Union has made it what it is today: one of the most successful and illustrious brands in international sport.


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