Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Plant-Gr

Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Plant-Gr
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Utgivelsesår 2016
Forlag Elsevier Science
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ISBN 9781483145624
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Om Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Plant-Gr

The Molecular and Hormonal Basis of Plant-Growth Regulation deals with the molecular and hormonal basis of plant-growth regulation. Topics covered range from molecular biology in plants to the structural units of DNA, DNA replication and RNA transcription, and the process of translation and protein synthesis. The use of RNA for transmission of genetic information is also discussed. This book is comprised of 16 chapters and begins with an overview of the foundations that form the basis of modern biology, followed by an analysis of DNA and its structural units. The role of enzymes in DNA replication is then examined, together with RNA transcription and protein synthesis. The next section focuses on modern aspects of hormone action and introduces the reader to the growth-regulatory hormones existing in most higher plants; the role of ribosomes in the polymerization of transfer RNA-borne amino acids; the structure and biophysical properties of the mitochondrion and the chloroplast as genetic units; and the use of antibiotics in the inhibition of synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. This monograph will be a valuable resource for biologists, plant physiologists, teachers, and students who seek to widen their general knowledge about plant growth.


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