Cognition and Neuropsychology

Cognition and Neuropsychology
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Utgivelsesår 2010
Forlag Taylor and Francis
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ISBN 9781136929984
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E-Bok Nedlastbar Engelsk

Om Cognition and Neuropsychology

This is the first of two volumes which together present the main contributions from the 29th International Congress of Psychology, held in Berlin in 2008, written by international leaders in psychology from around the world. The authors present a variety of approaches and perspectives that reflect cutting-edge advances in psychological science.Cognition and Neuropsychology is dedicated to summarizing and characterizing the current scientific research in three substantive content areas, (i) Perception, Attention, and Action, (ii) Social Cognition, and (iii) Learning, Memory and Development. While some of the contributions focus on relatively narrow areas of research, others adopt a much broader stance, trying to understand and explain many different facets of behaviour across widely differing situations. Some contributions even try to bridge the fundamental gap between behaviour and genetics. The final part contains two chapters that discuss fundamental general issues in psychology, such as the fate of mentalism and the significance of phenomenal analyses. All chapters offer fascinating insights into current theorizing on the mind, and are written by some of the best-known scholars of our time.This book will be an invaluable resource for researchers, professionals, teachers and students in the field of psychology.


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