Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Molec

Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Molec
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Format E-Bok
Filformat PDF
Utgivelsesår 2011
Forlag World Scientific Publishing Co
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9789812837233
Sider 196
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Om Electronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Molec

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the research field of real-time observation of nuclear and electronic dynamics in molecules. Its time range extends from femtoseconds to attoseconds. This has been made possible by the development of both laser technology and time-dependent theoretical treatments. Indeed, this research field is arguably the most active one in molecular science, second only to femtosecond chemistry. The outcome of the research is expected to make an important contribution to physics, materials science and biology as well as chemistry.In this monograph, the fundamental theories and methods, as well as experimental methods and results, of real-time observation of both nuclear and electronic motions in molecular systems are described. It is suitable for researchers who want to make an active contribution to the new research field and for graduate students who are interested in ultra-fast nuclear and electron dynamics in molecular systems.Contents:Basic Concepts and Fundamental Dynamics:WavepacketAdiabatic and Nonadiabatic TreatmentsQuantum Control by Pulse ShapingMultiphoton vs. Tunneling IonizationHigh-Order Harmonic Generation (HHG)Rescattering of ElectronsAbove-Threshold Ionization (ATI)Above-Threshold Dissociation (ATD)Coulomb ExplosionAlignment and OrientationMolecular ChiralityMolecular ADK Theory for Tunneling Ionization RateSummaryExperimental Setups and Methods:Laser-Induced Coulomb Explosion ImagingHigh-Order Harmonic GenerationMolecular Orientation and Its ObservationTheoretical Treatments of Wavepackets:Generation of Wavepacket and Its PropagationNumerical Methods for Wavepacket PropagationWavepacket Propagation Method in the Scattering Matrix FrameworkMolecular Manipulation Techniques with Laser Technologies and Their Applications:IntroductionTechniques for Molecular AlignmentTechniques for Molecular OrientationVarious Applications with a Sample of Aligned or Oriented MoleculesConcluding RemarksElectronic and Nuclear Dynamics in Intense Laser Fields:Electron–Nuclei Correlated Motions in H+2Interelectronic Correlation in a Hydrogen MoleculeReaction Dynamics of Carbon DioxideBenzeneFullereneEjection of Triatomic Hydrogen Molecular Ions from HydrocarbonsElectron Rotation Induced by Laser Pulses:IntroductionElectronic Ring Currents Generated by Circularly Polarized Laser PulsesControl of Unidirectional Rotations of π-Electrons in Chiral Aromatic MoleculesNonadiabatic Effects of Laser-Induced π-Electron RotationPhotoisomerization and Its Control:IntroductionReal-Time Observation of Stilbene Cis–Trans IsomerizationQuantum Control of Retinal Isomerization in BacteriorhodopsinQuantum Control of Retinal Isomerization in RhodopsinQuantum Control of Molecular Chirality: Molecular Chirality Transformation in a Preoriented Racemic MixturePump–Dump Control via an Electronic Excited StateStimulated Raman Adiabatic Passage MethodControl of Helical ChiralityQuantum Control in a Randomly Oriented Racemic Mixture Using Three Polarization Components of the Electric FieldsReadership: Academics, postgraduates and researchers in photochemistry, theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry and physical chemistry.


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