Advanced Materials and Processing 2010

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Kort om boken

The proceedings cover the latest research in advanced materials such as design, synthesis and development of new materials, processing technology for new materials, and modeling and simulation of materials processing.Contents:Strain Sensors Made fro…

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    Om Advanced Materials and Processing 2010

    The proceedings cover the latest research in advanced materials such as design, synthesis and development of new materials, processing technology for new materials, and modeling and simulation of materials processing.Contents:Strain Sensors Made from MWNT/Polymer Nanocomposites (Gang Yin, Ning Hu and Yuan Li)Shear Band Evolution and Nanostructure Formation in Titanium by Cold Rolling (Dengke Yang, Peter D Hodgson and Cuie Wen)Biodegradable Mg-Zr-Ca Alloys for Bone Implant Materials (Yuncang Li, Cynthia S Wong, Peter D Hodgson and Cuie Wen)Hydroxyapatite Synthesized from Nanosized Calcium Carbonate via Hydrothermal Method (Yu-Shiang Wu, Wen-Ku Chang and Min Jou)Modeling of the Magnetization Process and Orthogonal Fluxgate Sensitivity of Ferromagnetic Micro-Wire Arrays (Fan Jie, Lee Kim Seng, Li Xiaoping and Zhou Gen Sheng)Fabrication of Silicon Oxide Nanowires on Ni Coated Silicon Substrate by Simple Heating Process (Bo Peng and Kwon-Koo Cho)Deposition of TiOxNy Thin Films with Various Nitrogen Flow Rate: Growth Behavior and Structural Properties (S-J Cho, C-K Jung, I-S Bae, Y-H Song and J-H Boo)Observation on Photoluminescence Evolution in 300 KeV Self-Ion Implanted and Annealed Silicon (Yu Yang, Jiming Bao, Yingxia Jin, Liang Li, Fei Xiong, Jie Yang and Chong Wang) Facile Synthesis of Lithium Niobate from a Novel Precursor H2(H2O)Nb2O6 (Meinan Liu, Dongfeng Xue, Cheng Yan and John Bell)Effects of the Buffer Layers on the Adhesion and Antimicrobial Properties of the Amorphous ZrAlNiCuSi Films (Pai-Tsung Chiang, Guo-Ju Chen, Sheng-Rui Jian and Yung-Hui Shih)Fabrication of ZnO Nanorods by Electrochemical Deposition Process and Its Photovoltaic Properties (Jin-Hwa Kim, Ki-Won Kim, Kwon-Koo Cho and Kwang-Sun Ryu)Cryogenic Resistivities of NbTiAlVTaLax, CoCrFeNiCu and CoCrFeNiAl High Entropy Alloys (Xiao Yang and Yong Zhang)Modeling of Centrifugal Force Field and the Effect on Filling and Solidification in Centrifugal Casting (Wenbin Sheng, Chunxue Ma and Wanli Gu)Electrochemical Properties of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Film Prepared by Anodic Oxidation (Young-Jin Choi, Seon-Min Kim, Nam-Won Kim, Hyo-Jun Ahn and Kwon-Koo Cho)Effect of Ce Additions on High Temperature Properties of Mg-5Sn-3Al-1Zn Alloy (Byoung Soo Kang, Kyung Chul Park, Yong Ho Park and Ik Min Park)Sono-Electroless Plating of Ni-Mo-P Film (Atsushi Chiba, Masato Kanou and Wen-Chang Wu)Diameter Dependence of Giant Magneto-Impedance Effect in Co- Based Melt Extracted Amorphous Wires (Shuling Zhang, Dawei Xing and Jianfei Sun)Effect of Yb Addition on the Microstructure and Tensile Properties of Mg-5Al Alloy (Su Mi Jo, Byeong Ho Kim, Ik Min Park and Yong Ho Park)Finite Element Analysis of the Warm Deep- Drawing Process of Magnesium Matrix Composite Reinforced with CNTs (Li Weixue and Zhang Hujun)Effect of Ultrasonic Shot Peening on the Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of SUS304 (Deokgi Ahn, Keesam Shin, Jiling Dong, Jinesung Jung and Doosoo Kim)Microstructure of Fe-Cr Surface Infiltrated Composite Layer on Gray Iron Substrate (Gui-Rong Yang, Ying Ma, Yuan Hao, Yuan-Dong Li, Wen-Ming Song and Xian-Ming Sun)Effect of Carbon Contents and Ti Addition on the Microstructure of Ultra-Low Carbon Steel (Yinsheng He, Jiling Dong, Changyu Lee, Keesam Shin, Jeongbong Yoon and Byungho Lee)Microstructure and Mechanical Property of Laser Direct Manufacturing Metal Thin Wall Cylinder (X D Zhang, B S Xu, S Y Dong, Z J Wang and S X Yan)Evolution of Morphology and Composition of the Carbides in Cr-Mo-V Steel After Service Exposure (Jiling Dong, Keesam Shin, Yinsheng He, Geewook Song and Jinesung Jung)Thermal Annealing Treatment to Achieve Switchable and Reversible Wettability on ZnO Nanowires Surface (Changsong Liu, Dongmei Zheng, Jigen Zhou, Yong Wan and Zhiwen Li)Physical and Electrochemical Properties of Nanostructured Nickel Sulfide as a Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries (Seong-Ju Sim, Young-Jin Choi, Jin-Ho Ha, Ki-Won Kim, Kwon-Koo Cho and Kwang-Sun Ryu) Effect of Heat Treatment on Fatigue Behavior of Biomedical Ni-Ti Alloy Wires Under Ultrasonic Conditions (Zhou Huimin, Li Li, Zheng Yufeng and Li Qingfen)The Electrochemical Behavior of Mg-Ce-Zn System (Kyung Chul Park, Byeong Ho Kim, Yong Ho Park and Ik Min Park) Fabrication of Highly-Oleophobic and Superhydrophobic Surfaces on Microtextured Al Substrates (Changsong Liu, Jigen Zhou, Dongmei Zheng, Yong Wan and Zhiwen Li)Effect of Cooling Rate on Microstructure and Properties of Fe3Al Intermetallics (Li Ya-Min, Liu Hong- Jun and Hao Yuan)Calculation of Laser Transformation Hardening with a Circle Beam (Binggong Yan and Jichang Liu)The Application of the Unified Homogeneous Periodical Boundary Conditions to the Prediction of Effective Elastic Stiffness in a Widespread Field (Dong Yu, Hong Yang and Dong-Mei Luo)Cyclic Visco-Plastic Behavior of API X80 Line-Pipe Steel and Its Finite Element Simulation (Kyong-Ho Chang and Gab-Chul Jang)Residual Stress Distribution of 600MPa Grade High Tensile Strength Steel Pipe Using Welding FE Simulation (Kyong-Ho Chang and Gab-Chul Jang)In-Situ Preparation and Magnetic Properties of Fe3O4/Wood Composite (Honglin Gao, Genlin Zhang, Guoyuan Wu and Hongtao Guan)The Application of the Cohesive Zone Model on the Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nano-Tube Composites with Debonding Interface (Wen-Liang Zhu and Dong-Mei Luo)Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of As-Cast Mg-Zr-Ca Alloys for Biomedical Applications (Ying-Long Zhou, Jun An, Dong-Mei Luo, Wang-Yu Hu, Yuncang Li, Peter Hodgson and Cui'e Wen)Effect of Polyurethane/Nano-SiO2 Composites Coating on Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Film (Ching Yern Chee and Iskandar Idris Yaacob)Effects Evaluation for Different Rare Earth Elements in Magnesium-Lithium Alloy (Bin Jiang, Zhikun Qu, Ruizhi Wu and Milin Zhang)Effect of Sintering Temperature on the Structure and Bioactivity of HAp-5.0wt.%SO2 Bioceramic Composites (Xiao-Wu Li, Xue Zhang, Pei-Lun Zhang, Hiroyuki Yasuda and Yukichi Umakoshi)Study on the High Cycle Fatigue Property of Ti-600 Alloy at Ambient Temperature (Liying Zeng, Guanjun Yang, Quan Hong and Yongqing Zhao)Study on Deformation-Induced Ferrite Transformation of Steel 2.25Cr1MoNb (Li Qing-Fen, Zhou Hui-Min and Chen Hong-Bin)Effect of Fe Addition on the Cycle Performance of FeS2 Cathode for Li/FeS2 Battery (Young-Jin Choi, Won-Gyeong Kang, Tae-Hyun Nam, Hyo-Jun Ahn, Kwon-Koo Cho, Ki-Won Kim and Kwang- Sun Ryu)Effect of Annealing Process on Recrystallization Microstructure and Texture of Low Carbon Steel Strip (Haiyan Wang, Huiping Ren, Zili Jin, Degang Li and Bo Yan)Grain-Boundary Segregation and Co-Segregation Behavior of Three Elements in Steel 2.25Gr1Mo (Wang Jun, Liu Er-Bao, Fu Yu-Dong and Li Qing-Fen)Effect of Partial Crystallization on the Mechanical Properties of (Cu42Zr42Al8Ag8) 99.5Si0.5 Bulk Metallic Glass (P H Tsai, S K Wang, S R Jian, I S Lee, Y Z Chang, Y Z Lin, J S C Jang and C Li)Influence of Plastic Deformation on the Evolution of Defect Structures, Microhardness and Electrical Conductivity of Copper (Jingmei Tao, Mengchun Xu, Caiju Li and Xinkun Zhu)Microstructure and Room Temperature Mechanical Properties of the Ni3Si-Based Alloy with Titanium Addition (S K Wang, C C Fu, Z W Cai, S R Jian, J S C Jang, H Z Zhang and H C Hsu)Improvement of Magnetic Properties and Size of Directly Casted Nd-Fe-B Bulk Magnets by Ti/Zr Cosubstitutions (H W Chang, Y T Cheng, C C Hsieh and W C Chang)Wear Behavior of the Ceramic Coatings on the Al6061 Alloy Prepared by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (Jin Long Bian, Kai Wang, Sang Sik Byeon, Bon Heun Koo, Yi Qi Wang and Jung Il Song)Hydrogels with Rapid Thermal-Responsibility by Using Liquid Crystallite as Template (Qingsong Zhang, Kun Chen, Yiping Zhao and Chen Li)The Effects of TiO2 Buffer Layer in Carbon Nanotubes Growth on Ti Substrate by Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition and their Electrochemical Properties (Yong-Hwan Gwon, Bo Peng, Young-Jin Choi, Jin-Ho Ha, Ki-Won Kim,Kwon-Koo Cho and Kwang-Sun Ryu)Phase Transfer Catalytic Synthesis of 4-Benzyloxyl-3-Methoxylbenzaldehyde-Copolystyrene Resin (Qiang Huang and Baozhong Zheng)Compressive Behaviour of Nanocrystallilne Mg-5%Al Alloys (H Diao, C Yan, J M Bell, L Lu, G P Zhang, S Kabra, K-D Liss and M W Chen)Predicting the Formation Enthalpies of Al-Ga-In, Al-Ga-Sn, Cd-Ga-Sn and Ga-Sn-Zn Liquid Alloys by Molecular Interaction Volume Model (Hongwei Yang, Dongping Tao and Qingmei Yuan)Low-Temperature Preparation and Properties of High Activity Anatase TiO2 Aqueous Sols (Qingju Liu, Wei Na, Zhongqi Zhu and Jin Zhang)Effects of Ge Mole Fraction on Electrical Characteristics of Strained SiGe Channel p-MOSFET (Zhou Yang, Chong Wang, Hongtao Wang, Yu Yang, Weida Hu and Wei Lu)Evaluation of Oxidation and Mechanical Properties of the Nano-Sized WC-10%Nicrobraz Composites Consolidated by High Frequency Induction Heated Sintering (Duck-Soo Kang, Kee-Do Woo, Sang-Hyuk Kim, Sang-Hoon Park, In-Jin Shon and Min-Seok Moon)Effect of ECAP on The High-Temperature Compressive Deformation Behavior of LY12 Aluminum Alloys (Qing-Wei Jiang, Yao Wang, Ying Wu and Xiao-Wu Li)Surface Energy Effect on Polymers Adhesive Bonding at Room Temperature (Yingxia Jin, Xiaoling Yin, Liang Li, Chong Wang and Yu Yang)Annealing Effects on Selfassembled Ge/Si (100) Islands Prepared by Ion Beam Sputtering (Jie Yang, Chong Wang, Fei Xiong, Dongping Tao and Yu Yang)Effect of Gd on the Microstructures and Corrosion Behaviors of Magnesium Alloy Mg-8.0Al-1.0Zn (Li Lei, Xie Shuisheng and Huang Guojie) Synthesis, Characterization and Sensing Properties of Perovskite EuFe0.9Co0.1O3 Materials (Huen Kan, Yifen Zhao, Yongju Liu, Yuehua Li and Heyun Zhao)Synthesis and Characterization of Ni(OH)2 Nanosheets by a Simple Route at Low Temperature (Qian Li, Yu Liao, Qiu- Ying Mu and Yu-De Wang)The Prediction of Laser Clad Parameters Based on Neural Network (Jichang Liu and Libin Ni)The Effects of Y3+ Doping on the Phase Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of (Gd0.95-xYxEu0.05)2O3 Red Phosphors (Qi Zhu, Ji-Guang Li, Xiaodong Li and Xudong Sun)Design of an In Situ Detection System for Laser Hardened Width (Caixia Yang and Jichang Liu)Numerical Simulation Microstructure Morphology Evolution and Solute Microsegregation of Al-Si-Cu Ternary Alloys during Solidification Process (Shuisheng Xie, Guojie Huang, Lei Cheng, Yao Fu and Qiang Li)A Shear-Lag Model for Carbon Nonotube-Reinforced Magnesium Matrix Composites (Wei-Xue Li, Jie Zhu, Yuan Hao, Jian-Feng Dai and Qing Wang)Corrosion Behavior of the Alumina Coated Al6061 Alloy by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (Kai Wang, Sang Sik Byeon, Chan Gyu Lee and Bon Heun Koo)A Simple Route for Synthesis of Tin Dioxide Nanorods Based on Improved Solid-State Reactions (Yuehua Li, Huen Kan, Yongju Liu, Qingju Liu, Heyun Zhao and Luifang Yang) Comparative Study on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Amorphous Wires with Different Diameters (Jing-Shun Liu, Jian-Fei Sun, Da-Wei Xing and Xiang Xue)Chemical-Vapor-Depositing (CVD) Aluminium Film on Steel Surface with the Disproportionation Reaction of Al2S (Wu Guoyuan and Dai Yongnian)The Microstructure and Properties of Super Martensitic Stainless Steel Microalloyed with Tungsten and Copper (Dong Ye, Jun Li, Yu-Rong Liu, Qi-Long Yong, Jie Su, Jian-Chun Cao, Jing-Mei Tao and Kun-Yu Zhao)Design of Low Elastic Modulus Ti-Nb-Zr Alloys for Implant Materials (Xiping Song, Li You, Bei Zhang and Anna Song)In Situ Monitoring Molten Pool Parameters for Detecting Visible Defects in Laser Cladding (Liusha Yang, Jichang Li, Jinshui Liu and Yaoting Wu)Readership: Graduate students by research and professionals working in the fields of materials science and technology and materials processing.


    World Scientific Publishing Co


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