Bifurcation Theory and Methods of Dynami

Bifurcation Theory and Methods of Dynami
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Utgivelsesår 1997
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ISBN 9789812831330
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Om Bifurcation Theory and Methods of Dynami

Dynamical bifurcation theory is concerned with the changes that occur in the global structure of dynamical systems as parameters are varied. This book makes recent research in bifurcation theory of dynamical systems accessible to researchers interested in this subject. In particular, the relevant results obtained by Chinese mathematicians are introduced as well as some of the works of the authors which may not be widely known. The focus is on the analytic approach to the theory and methods of bifurcations. The book prepares graduate students for further study in this area, and it serves as a ready reference for researchers in nonlinear sciences and applied mathematics.Contents:Basic Concepts and FactsBifurcation of 2-Dimensional SystemsBifurcation in Polynomial Liénard SystemsPeriodic Perturbed Systems and Integral ManifoldsBifurcations of Higher Dimensional SystemsMelnikov Vector, Homoclinic and Heteroclinic OrbitsReadership: Nonlinear scientists, mathematicians and physicists.Key Features:Few if any other titles specifically dealing with supported metalsNew edition with updated and new chapters


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