I will fall in love with someone too

I will fall in love with someone too
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2013
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781629781167
Sider 559
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Om I will fall in love with someone too

The final work of freedom aurora tetralogy helps you know love thoroughly.We miss each other for incomprehension.Loving someone is actually a sad thing. But without pain, the good will be unrealThe world is hustle and bustle, but my love will go on, stupid and foolish.The love life of the "three-without" lady, Su Qing, who is without background, without family property and without beauty, vanished all of a sudden as the leaving of Li Chuan, her crush. Li Wenbo, a rich man whom she acquainted with at work, always quarreled and played a distinct enemy of her before they finally forgave and forgot and further fell in love with each other. Many years later, both of them got together after experiencing so many changes in life, but eventually they are not who they were...People will always love someone and think about a lifetime. No matter how it ends, please remember that very moment, because that will be the best time in your life.Su Qing left all she has in life and came to visit Li Chuan, so persistent. New York was snowing; she was wearing a red coat in the endless whiteness. At that moment, she was so gorgeous, brave and selfless. Looking at her standing in the corner, it was like she was full of hope rather than unease, no matter how cruel the reality that was coming.In one's lifetime, everyone will have a chance to have the moment overturn the world. The magic that can turn stone into gold by touching may be called love.There are always some people who have hurt you and put you into death. But when you finally meet, you can not even hate. They are the disasters as well as gifts for your life. For all the people and things that have changed, maybe one day you will know that I like you most.


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