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Om Lebanon

The first decade of independence (1943-1952) was crucial to the political history of Lebanon, following the creation of the state in 1920 and the subsequent years of French tutelage. This period is defined by the presidency of Bishara al-Khuri, the first elected president, a founding father who played a vital part in forming the distinctive character of the Lebanese state and in Lebanon's later history, both rich and successful and troubled and tragic. During this period the old order in Lebanon, shaped over centuries, clashed with a 'new order', transforming Lebanese politics and society. Khuri's task was to protect Lebanon's fragile independence and to try to ensure political stability among warring factions strife which in 1975 erupted in civil war causing immense disruption and suffering in Lebanon and with deep and widespread national and international effect.This study draws on a wide range of primary and secondary sources including official state papers and private collections from Britain, France, the USA, Lebanon and Israel._Contents_: Introduction: The Birth of the Lebanese State; First Steps Along a New Road; The 1943 Elections; The National Pact; The November 1943 Crisis; Between East and West Lebanon on the International and Regional Scene; Domestic Challenges 1943 1947; At the Peak of Power; The 1948 War in Palestine; The Syrian Lebanese Crisis; The Confrontation with the PPS (1947 1949); Khuri and Sulh: a Parting of the Ways; Rift with the West; The Overthrow


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