Poet's Collection: Love Chronicles

Poet's Collection: Love Chronicles
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Format E-Bok
Kopisperre Teknisk DRM
Filformat ePUB
Utgivelsesår 2012
Forlag Trafford Publishing
Språk Engelsk
ISBN 9781466942202
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Om Poet's Collection: Love Chronicles

My love poems encapsulate stories, accumulations of knowledge, people, and many lovers from the past, including those I have been locked in via letters across the waters. And I gather my love of foreign lands where the cultural magic still resounds in me as do the amazing people I have met. I have woven many experiences together and write with great affection, nostalgia and warmth of all the men whom loved me and I, them. I write also of great friendships forged across the world that still inspire me even though they are physically not around anymore. Some of them still share my affection but as is with my strange nomadic tread it was always necessary to move forward, but my gratitude remains with them. My inspiration and injection of muse and excitement. I like to believe that we do have reason for everything in life and this truly gives immense reassurance when love inexplicably becomes something that cannot be understood, and where heartache comes into being. Also I write of my practice with the SGI and how my spiritual development has enables me to come to terms with several aspects of my life. These experiences I feel especially when I chant for long periods and understand the beauty of Nichiren Buddhism, how philosophy and study and dialogue give sustenance to a deeper understanding of life in general.. More and more my friends have become like spiritual family and have gained deep respect and love from me and influenced how I perceive the world and moreso how I write about it. I have included one or two verses that struggle with a darker side of my life that I suppose inevitably happens to those of us whom intend to grasp what it truly means to suffer and struggle. This realization makes it easier for us to understand the suffering of othersMy second book delves a little deeper into this subject with as ever an optimistic outcome. I have always seen my self as an optimist but it can be difficult when obstacles arise from seemingly nowhere, and must be surmounted. This of course is where my life stands now. I am a Buddhist, I am a woman, I am a writer. Inspirational, filled with passion and love,pyschic awareness, spiritual. nspirational love poems that incorporate the magic of dreams, intrigue, psychic awareness and spirituality.


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