Colin Matthews: No Man's Land/Crossing t

Colin Matthews: No Man's Land/Crossing t
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Compact Disc
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2014
Forlag HALLÉ
EAN 5065001341441
Sjanger Choral; Classical
Disker 1

Om Colin Matthews: No Man's Land/Crossing t

1 Dim Through Cloud Vails
2 In the Ashen Twilight
3 In the False Moonlight
4 Oaks, Once My Friends
5 Swift Away the Century Flies
6 Time Has Healed the Wound, They Say
7 But No, This Fiction Died
8 A Brown Charred Trunk That Deadly Cowered
9 Interlude
10 There the Puddled Lonely Lane
11 Stones Could Talk Together Then
12 Trees On Hilltops Then Were Palms
13 Half in Glory, Half in Fear
14 Crossing the Alps
15 Introduction
16 There Are Two Skeletons
17 Before Divine Creation
18 An Old Crow
19 Snug in My Dug-out
20 I'll Tell You Something
21 You're Quite Right, Sir
22 Fritz Is My Friend
23 Someone Takes Up His Mouth Organ
24 I Know a Village Some Way Away
25 I Was Sharing a Smoke
26 Interlude
27 In My Dream Last Night
28 I Went to Sleep in a Bath
29 They Are Drunken
30 So Come and Join the Forces


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