Delius: Sea Drift/Songs of Farewell/Song

Delius: Sea Drift/Songs of Farewell/Song
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Compact Disc
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2015
EAN 95115186824
Spilletid 77.08 min
Sjanger Classical; Classical
Disker 1

Om Delius: Sea Drift/Songs of Farewell/Song

1 Sea Drift
2 How Sweet the Silent Backward Tracings!
3 I Stand As On Some Mighty Eagle's Beak
4 Passage to You! O Secret of the Earth and Sky!
5 Joy, Shipmate, Joy!
6 Now Finale to the Shore
7 A Song of the Setting Sun!
8 Cease Smiling, Dear! A Little While Be Sad
9 Pale Amber Sunlight Falls
10 Exceeding Sorrow Consumeth My Sad Heart!
11 By the Sad Waters of Separation
12 See How the Trees and the Osiers Lethe
13 I Was Not Sorrowful, I Could Not Weep
14 They Are Not Long, the Weeping and the Laughter


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