Document Analysis Systems

Document Analysis Systems
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Om Document Analysis Systems

The 1st International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS94,) is a full workshop on research and development of systems for the analysis of document images.This volume will be of use to academic and industrial researchers, end-users, students and principal investigators.Contents:Palace: A Multilingual Document Recognition System (A L Spitz & M Ozaki)Programmable Contextual Analysis (D J Ittner & H S Baird)Using Consensus Sequence Voting to Correct OCR Errors (D Lopresti & J Zhou)Integration of Contextual Knowledge Sources into a Blackboard-Based Text Recognition System (R Sennhauser)Recognition of Handwritten Responses on US Census Forms (T M Breuel)Knowledge Organization and Interpretation Process in Engineering Drawing Interpretation (P Vaxiviere & K Tombre)Processing Imprecise and Structural Distorted Line Drawings by an Adaptable Drawing Interpretation Kernal (B Pasternak)Document Image Matching and Retrieval with Multiple Distortion-Invariant Descriptors (J J Hull) Off-Line Interpretation and Execution of Corrections on Text Documents (D Möri & H Bunke)Document Analysis and Learning (J Hull & T Bayer)Form Recognition (T Caesar & R G Casey)and other papersReadership: Computer scientists.


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