Entrepreneurial Women: New Management an

Entrepreneurial Women: New Management an
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Utgivelsesår 2014
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ISBN 9781440800788
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Om Entrepreneurial Women: New Management an

This two-volume work provides balanced and thorough coverage of women entrepreneurs in multicultural and international contexts as well as in the Western world. Entrepreneurial Women: New Management and Leadership Models explores how women everywhere are empowering themselves socially and economically through entrepreneurship and business ownership.The contributors consider how discrimination against women in the workplace can contribute to the inspiration to become business owners in the first place and document the experiences of African American women entrepreneurs as well as women in distinct settings such as China, Africa, rural Jamaica, and Silicon Valley. The work draws on empirical studies, data sets, case studies, and descriptions of career trajectories to portray the realities of women entrepreneurs today. Readers will understand the distinctive challenges and opportunities involved with the entrepreneurship process for women-owned businesses, grasp how women have overcome their disadvantages in getting funding and accessing capital, and learn about the unique management and leadership style of women entrepreneurs.


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