Ergonomic Data for Equipment Design

Ergonomic Data for Equipment Design
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Utgivelsesår 2013
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Om Ergonomic Data for Equipment Design

For many years ergonomists and human engineering specialists have made significant contributions to the solution of problems faced in the area of human labour and to the introduction of their research results and field experience into the process of equipment design. However, the rapid increase in complexity of equipment in use as well as in development demonstrates the necessity of broaden- ing the point of view continuously. The workshop held in Munich from March 22nd to March 26th, 1982, was an excellent opportunity for the participants to discuss their respective interests and their interpretation of needs for future research. The workshop was sponsored by the Human Factors Special Programme Panel of the Scientific Affairs Division of NATO. This sponsorship, together with the helpful assistance rendered by Drs. Bayraktar, Kroemer, and Sanders, is gratefully acknowledged. This volume contains the papers presented during the workshop. All these papers are directly related to the general aim: the ex- change of experience collected in the field of ergonomic data for equipment design on the one hand and the definition of unexplored areas on the other. It is hoped that this presentation will help to define future research methods in the area of ergonomic data and set into motion fruitful discussions on the validity of the data in use today.


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