Fidelio (Parry, Philharmonia Orchestra,

Fidelio (Parry, Philharmonia Orchestra,

Compact Disc


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Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2005
EAN 95115312322
Spilletid 111 min
Sjanger Classical; Opera/Stage Works
Disker 2

Om Fidelio (Parry

Disc 1
1 Overture
2 These people could drive you berserk
3 If only we could marry today
4 A wonder, clear and pure
5 If you don't save up your money
6 Good, that's the stuff!...
7 Dialogue: This handwriting seems familiar
8 Ah! This is ecstasy!
9 Now, Warder, listen!
10 Vile murderer! Sadistic swine!
11 Come hope, you faint and distant star
12 Dialogue: But Marzellina...
13 Oh, what delight to breathe to air
14 What Did He Say?
15 Let's down to work, for time is pressing
16 Oh, father, do be quick!
17 Presumptuous idiot, who are you to take such a liberty
18 Farewell, the warm and radiant light
Disc 2
1 Introduction
2 God! The darkest hours
3 In the spring of youthful promise
4 How cold it is in these dungeons
5 Now bend your back, let's see you working
6 In a better world, they surely shall applaud you
7 You perish!
8 Oh joy beyond all understanding
9 Hear! Hear! Hear how the world wildly rejoices
10 My noble sovereign's will and order
11 Oh God, oh God, what ecstasy!
12 Let our voices tell the story


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