Giacomo Puccini - Tosca

Giacomo Puccini - Tosca
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Compact Disc
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 1999
EAN 95115300022
Spilletid 115 min
Sjanger Classical; Opera/Stage Works
Disker 2

Om Giacomo Puccini - Tosca

Disc 1
1 Ah! Here in safety
2 I don't believe it...
3 Give me my palette!
4 Mario! Mario! Mario!
5 Our little house in the country
6 What eyes in all the wide world
7 All the choir in here at once!
8 You make the church a fairground!
9 Mario?! Mario?!
10 Three agents, go in a carriage...
Disc 2
1 Tosca, my falcon
2 Richer far is the flavour
3 It seemed wise to arrest him...
4 Now you and I can talk
5 Enough. Tosca, your answer
6 Floria!
7 How Much?
8 Life has taught me singing and loving
9 Which route have you chosen?
10 No words can cheer me
11 All the stars shone in heaven
12 Oh, hands of mercy
13 What a time there are taking!


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