Kinetics of Wastewater Treatment

Kinetics of Wastewater Treatment
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Utgivelsesår 2013
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ISBN 9781483163840
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Om Kinetics of Wastewater Treatment

Kinetics of Wastewater Treatment contains the proceedings of a post-conference seminar held at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen in 1978. Separating 10 papers presented in the seminar as chapters, this book begins with the conceptual basis of calcium phosphate precipitation in a denitrifying biofilm. The influence of pH and calcium ions upon phosphorus transformations in biological wastewater treatment plants; sewage treatment by activated sludge; orthokinetic flocculation of phosphate precipitates in a multicomponent reactor with non-ideal flow; and kinetics of phosphorus transformations in aerobic and anaerobic environments are then described. This text also looks into the chemical floc formation in wastewater treatment; temperature dependency of microbial reactions; the influence of some environmental factors on floc kinetics; kinetics of biological flocs; and two step precipitation of calcium phosphates.


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