Modern Aspects of Reflectance Spectrosco

Modern Aspects of Reflectance Spectrosco
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Om Modern Aspects of Reflectance Spectrosco

This volume contains all of the papers presented at the American Chemical Society Symposium on Reflectance Spectroscopy. The Symposium was presented under the sponsorship of the Division of Analytical Chemistry, and was held on September 11 and 12,1967, at the 154th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Chicago, Illinois. The papers presented herein represent a renaissance of interest in reflectance spectroscopy. The techni~ue of reflec- tance spectroscopy is not, of course, a new techni~ue, however, it has only been applied to problems of a chemical interest in the last decade or so. The instrumentation for this techni~ue in the ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared regions of the spectrum has been available for many years. New and exciting research is being carried out at the present time to extend these techni~ues to the infrared and far infrared regions as well. It is a pleasure for the Editor to express his gratitude to Drs. John K. Taylor and E. C. Dunlop of the Division of Analytical Chemistry, ACS, for their cooperation in making the Symposium a reality. The assistance of Miss Julie Norris of the University of Houston for her typing and manuscript organi- zation skill is greatly appreciated. And lastly, but certainly not the least, the Editor would like to acknowledge the coopera- tion of all of the contributors to this volume. Certainly without their cooperation, this Symposium would not have been a success.


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