Ned Rorem: Our Town

Ned Rorem: Our Town
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Compact Disc
Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2017
EAN 93228079026
Sjanger Classical; Opera/Stage Works
Disker 2

Om Ned Rorem: Our Town

Disc 1
1 Opening
2 The Earth Turns, Just a Simple Turn
3 See What I Mean?
4 Why, Hello, George Gibbs
5 What a Lot of Beans
6 Thank You, Emily. Thank You, Mrs Webb
7 It's Evening Now in Grover's Corners
8 Oh George, Can You Come Down a Minute?
9 Can You Get Home Safe, Louella?
10 Emily! Are You Still There?
Disc 2
1 Well, Friends, Three Years Have Gone By
2 Well, Mother, You're Losing Your Chick Today
3 Morning, Everybody! Only Five More Hours to Live
4 Well, George, How Are You?
5 Thank You, Thank You. I Have Another Question
6 Emily, Can I Carry Your Books Home for You
7 Hello There, George. Howdy, Emily
8 These Are So Expensive
9 And Now We'll Get On With the Wedding
10 This Time Nine Years Have Gone By, Friends
11 We're All Coming Up Here
12 Hello
13 Little Cooler Than It Was
14 One Can Go Back Again... Into Living
15 Look! There's the Chuch Where I Got Married
16 Coming! Morning, Mama. Morning, Papa
17 Seen Enough?
18 Were You Happy, Emily?
19 Most Everyone's Asleep in Grover's Corner


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