Oxygen Transport to Tissue - III

Oxygen Transport to Tissue - III
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Om Oxygen Transport to Tissue - III

This volume contains the papers which were presented at the Third International Symposium on Oxygen Transport to Tissue together with the discussions at the end of each Session. The meeting was held at Churchill College, Cambridge from July 4th-7th 1977. Our special thanks are due to Mrs. Valerie Jeal and Mr. Charles Drown of the Department of Pathology, Bristol, who were invaluable in ensuring the smooth running of the meeting and the preparation of this book. We are very grateful to Dr. Marian Silver for proof- reading and helping to disentangle the "discussion". We would also express our thanks for the general help received from Janet and Fiona Silver and Steven James and our appreciation of the cheerful assistance of Miss Sadie Williams in putting the finishing touches to the manuscript. August, 1977 I. A. Silver M. Erecinska H. I. Bicher Contents Session 1 - OXYGEN ELECTRODES AND BLOOD MONITORING DEVICES The Bitumen P0 Electrode - A New Method to 2 Manufacture P0 Needle Electrodes 3 2 H. Acker, D. Sylvester, E. Dufau, and H. Durst A Working Equation for Oxygen Sensing Disk Electrodes * * * * * * 9 T. E. Tang, R. E. Barr, V. G. Murphy, and A. W. Hahn Variations on the Response Characteristics of Oxygen Electrodes **** 17 R. E. Barr, T. E. Tang, and A. W. Hahn Directly Heated Transcutaneous Oxygen Sensor 25 H. P. Kimmich, J. G. Spaan, and F.


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