Serov: Judith

Serov: Judith

Compact Disc


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Format Compact Disc
Utgivelsesår 2011
EAN 5029365921923
Sjanger Classical; Opera/Stage Works
Disker 2

Om Serov: Judith

1 Overture
2 Scene and Arioso: Our Sufferings Are Endless...cease These Blaspheming Complaints!
3 Chorus of the People: Our Sufferings and Our Anguish Grow Worse
4 What Is That? Do You Hear?
5 Finale: God of Israel, Save Thy Servants
6 Judith's Monologue: The Town Will Thus Be Delivered
7 These Are Our Last Drops of Water
8 The Elders Are Coming
9 Judith, I Implore You
10 Interlude: The March of Holofernes
11 Chorus of Odalisques and Dances: Upon the River Euphrates
12 Out of My Sight
13 Chorus of Assyrians: What Is Happening in the Camp...a Jewess of a Beauty Never Seen Before
14 Behold, Holofernes Has Heard the News
15 Final Chorus: There Is No Power On Earth Equal to Ours
16 Prelude...Bacchanalian Dance of the Odalisques
17 Dance of Two Almahs
18 Festive Chorus. Orgy of Holofernes: Fill the Cups With Wine
19 Hindu Song: I Love You, Shining Moon
20 Holofernes's Song of Battle: These Songs About Women
21 Judith, Approach
22 Finale: But Where Are You, Jewess?
23 Chorus of the Starving: If God Has Abandoned Us
24 Here Is the Head of Holofernes
25 Final Chorus: We Have Conquered


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