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AI-Oriented Competency Framework for Talent Management in the Digital Economy - Models, Technologies, Applications, and Implementation

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  • 2024

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In the digital-driven economy era, an AI-oriented competency framework (AIoCF) is a collection to identify AI-oriented knowledge, attributes, efforts, skills, and experiences (AKASE) that directly and positively affects the success of employees and the organization. The application of skills-based competency analytics and AI-equipped systems is gradually becoming accepted by business and production organizations as an effective tool for automating several managerial activities consistently and efficiently in developing and moving the capacity of a company up to a world-class level.

AI-Oriented Competency Framework for Talent Management in the Digital Economy: Models, Technologies, Applications, and Implementation discusses all the points of an AI-Oriented Competency Framework which includes predictive analytics, advisory services, predictive maintenance, and automated processes, which help to make the operations of project management, personnel management, or administration more efficient, profitable, and safe. The book includes the functionality of emerging career pathways, hybrid learning models, and learning paths related to the learning and development of employees in the production or delivery fields. It also presents the relationship between skills taxonomy and competency framework with interactive methods using datasets, processing workflow diagrams, and architectural diagrams for easy understanding of the application of intelligent functions in role-based competency systems. By also covering upcoming areas of AI and data science in many government and private organizations, the book focuses on managing big data and cloud resources of the talent management system but also provides cybersecurity techniques to ensure systems and employee competency data are secure.

This book targets a mixed audience of students, engineers, scholars, researchers, academics, and professionals who are learning, researching, and working in the field of workforce training, human resources, talent management systems, requirement, headhunting, outsourcing, and manpower consultant services from different cultures and industries in the era of the digital economy.




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